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The Line 1 second project of Ningbo Metro


Line 1 is the first metro line serving Ningbo. It stretches in east-west direction, starting from Gaoqiao Town in the west as a viaduct and turns into underground tunnel when it approaches Haishu District.

After that the tunnel stretches under Zhongshan Road, a main road in Ningbo, crossing Fenghua River and enters Jiangdong District. Then it passes Ningbo East New Town and Qiuga Town. After that it goes eastwards into Beilun District through China National Highway 329 with elevated line.

Then it goes along Taishan Road and reach Xiapu. The construction of the section between Gaoqiao and Qiuga began in June, 2009 and passenger service began on May 30, 2014.The construction of the section between Qiuga and Xiapu began in July, 2012 and passenger service began on March 19, 2016,this project applied it successfully in large scale to support the sandy cobble stratum during construction.



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