UMC (Unitop Machinery Co.,Ltd.)

a professional precision casting & machining manufacturer

UMC (Unitop Machinery Co.,Ltd.)
established in 1995,specializes in developing and Manufacturing high quality self drilling anchor and rock tool related to underground,tunneling construction,slope stabilization and mining projects around the globe.


UMC is a professional precision casting & machining manufacturer,the company has adopted advanced lost wax casting of water glass and silica sol process to ensure good surface and stable chemical composition for the accessories,the company has the superior machine processing,heat treatment and surface treatment to satisfy the clients’ requirements.


Since inception not only have we remained promote to the products function with our innovative design,but we have also developed many other innovative materials and products,our team is committed to providing outstanding service as well as closing to our clients’ ideas, Through our production plants and office located in China and Germany,we are able to provide the high quality products and services to ensure the safety of our globe client’s projects.


E: hans@umcnb.comT: +86-574-8834 8876
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