Mutiple Step-Cross | Hardened


Steel Drill Bit - EXT



-Material: Structural Alloy Steel

-Steel grade: 42CrMo

Technical Data


Articel Number Spec Thread Diameter Geological Properties
mm Alluvium Sands Cohesive Soils Gravel Soft Rock Hard Rock
10-2007613021 T76130EXT T76 130 x x x x

10-2007615021 T76150EXT 150 x x x x

10-2007617521 T76175EXT 175 x x x x

10-2007620021 T76200EXT 200 x x x x

10-3007613021 RR76130EXT RR76 130 x x x x

10-3007615021 RR76150EXT 150 x x x x

10-3007617521 RR76175EXT 175 x x x x

10-3007620021 RR76200EXT 200 x x x x


Indications are only guidelines and depends on on-site ground conditions.
"x" marking show standard applications and "(x)“ markings possible combinations
Only showed general specifications and irregular design is a available
Customized for individual customers