Research and development

Research and development (R&D) is a process intended to create new or improved technology that can provide a competitive advantage at the business,the process of technological innovation (of which R&D is the first phase) is complex and long.

The objective of R&D is to obtain new knowledge, applicable to the company's business needs, that eventually will result in new or improved products, processes, systems or material that can increase the company's competitive force in the market.UMC defines three types of R&D: basic design research, projects applied research and new material development.

Basic design research has as its objectives a fuller knowledge or understanding of the new design under study, rather than a practical application thereof.

Appliedresearch is directed towards gaining knowledge or understanding necessary for determining the means by which a specific need may be met. In our industry, applied research includes investigations directed to the discovery of new function having specific application with respect to projects.

New material development is the systematic utilization of the knowledge or understanding gained from research toward the production of useful new raw materials and processes.

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