Through understanding the client's intention, according to our design experience and excellent technical team, UMC customized personalized products for our clients, so as to find the best solution. Our innovative design includes appearance design, structure design and special steel customization.

1. Innovative appearance design is mainly aimed at some clients who have high requirements for product identification, so as to ensure that their products can reflect the uniqueness and brand in the market. Include: 1) New special appearance design; 2) Personalized logo design; 3)Special color with products design ; 4) Special packaging design

2. Innovative structural design is mainly aimed at some customers who encounter difficulties in the projects, correcting or upgrading the product inner structures to qualify construction condition.

3. Special steel customization: Through our nearly 26 years of casting experience, according to the construction environment and geological characteristics, we correct chemical elements ratio to produce special steel to qualify geo condition.

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