Quality Control

Quality level determines the competitiveness and sustainable development of an enterprise. UMC attaches great importance to quality from the beginning of the company. Today, our company has an excellent and experienced QC team of 6 employees to carry out quality control for our customers from the source to the end strictly.

    Analysis of molten steel flow

Finding product defects by simulating molten steel flow,which can be improved from the mold

    Analysis of chemical composition

    The chemical composition of the product was analyzed by spectrometer to determine whether the raw materials are qualified

    Hardness testing

    100% hardness test rate of each batch, in order to ensure that the mechanical properties of products are within the standard range

    Tension test

The tension test of anchor bolt, nut and coupler is carried out to ensure that the mechanical performance is stable within the standard range and provide guarantee for engineering safety.

    Dimension control

    We have been committed to maintaining the consistency of dimension inspection with our customers and ensuring that our inspection methods are in line with European standards,even our measuring tools are purchased from Germany.

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