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Recently, the global logistics supply chain has been seriously blocked, and the ports in North America, Europe and Asia have been crowded! Port congestion exacerbates shipping delays, resulting in a continuous decline in flight availability. The data show that the punctuality rate of shipping schedule has decreased again and again in recent months. In June, the flight reliability of the shipping company was only about 40%

From 4th to 13th of August , many sea areas such as the BohaiStrait, the north of the Yellow Sea, the South China Sea and the west of Leizhou Peninsula were banned from navigation due to military missions and live fire. It may have a certain impact on the delay of shipping schedule, such as late opening and late berthing of ships, etc.

According to Dalian Maritime Safety Administration: in the northern part of the Bohai Strait and the Yellow Sea, from 0600 on August 6 to 2400 on August 8
1. 38°44′30″N 121°17′00″E

2. 38°44′30″N 121°43′00″E

3. 38°32′25″N 121°43′00″E

4. 38°32′25″N 121°17′00″E

It is forbidden to enter the sea area connecting the points for military missions

According to Dalian Maritime Safety Administration: from 0000 on August 9 to 0800 on August 11, in the north of the Yellow Sea

1. 38°31′00″N 122°56′00″E

2. 38°31′00″N 123°28′00″E

3. 38°10′00″N 123°28′00″E

4. 38°10′00″N 122°56′00″E

It is forbidden to enter the sea area connecting the points for military tasks.
According to Guangdong Maritime Safety Administration: Guangdong Aviation Police 168 / 21, the South China Sea, from August 4 to 13, conducted military training within a water area with a radius of 6km with a circle center of 21-14.13n 109-32.80e, and prohibited ships from entering.

According to Hainan Maritime Safety Administration: qionghang police 0061, the South China Sea was in the South China Sea from 00:00 on August 6, 2021 to 24:00 on August 10, 2021








Military training shall be conducted within the connecting range of various points. It is forbidden to drive in.

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