Local construction in Ningbo- UMC View

During the "14th five year plan" period, the city will comprehensively improve the hard core strength of the port and the radiation capacity of the aviation hub, and build a safe, convenient, efficient, green and economic modern comprehensive transportation system.

In terms of Railways and rail transit, by 2025, the total railway mileage will reach 440km, and the operating mileage of urban (suburban) railways using existing lines will be about 66 km; The operating mileage of urban rail transit reaches 180 km. Focus on promoting the construction of Jinyong, Yongzhou, Tongsu Jiayong and other railway projects and three wheel rail transit projects, accelerate the construction of urban (suburban) railways such as Ningbo Yuci Intercity Railway phase II, Ningbo Cixi intercity railway, Ningbo Xiangshan (Meishan) intercity railway, Meishan railway, Beilun freight branch line and other freight railways, and plan to promote the construction of Ningbo Taiwan Wenzhou Fuzhou high-speed railway Preliminary work of major projects such as Shanghai Ningbo cross sea channel.

In terms of expressways, the accumulated mileage of expressways will be close to 700 km by 2025; Speed up the construction of a number of national and provincial highway projects such as G228 angdong Lizhou section project, Cixi section, G527 yuejingyang bridge and connection project, S203 Yinzhou section new project, and form a "one vertical and two horizontal" national highway network and "five vertical and seven horizontal" provincial highway network by 2025, so as to further enhance the openness of Ningbo.

In terms of ports and water transportation, during the 14th Five Year Plan period, our city arranged 7 major construction projects with a planned investment of 6.3 billion yuan. Build and put into use container terminals 6 to 10 in Meishan port area of Ningbo Zhoushan port, start the construction of phase II of China Merchants International Container Terminal in Daxie port area, plan the construction of supporting parking lot and logistics service center in Chuanshan port area of Ningbo Zhoushan port, and study and plan the phase III of Ningbo section of Hangzhou Ningbo canal.

The phase IV expansion of the airport is an important action to improve the energy level of Ningbo Airport and the need for Ningbo to enhance its international influence“ During the 14th Five Year Plan period, Ningbo will start the construction of Ningbo Lishe Airport Phase IV expansion project, and accelerate the Ninghai general aviation airport project.

The Tianfuling Tunnel

Yingling Tunnel Project