Total length 4286 meters! Connection of chenjialing tunnel of Jinyong Railway

In the morning of September 12, after three years of construction, the chenjialing tunnel, the control project of Jinyong railway undertaken by China Railway 14th bureau group, was successfully connected, marking the connection of the first long tunnel over 4000 meters of Jinyong railway.

Chenjialing tunnel has a total length of 4286 meters, from entering the tunnel in Huantan village, Jinting Town, Shengzhou City to leaving the tunnel in ou'an village, Yulin street, Xinchang County. The maximum buried depth of the tunnel is about 149 meters. The tunnel site is a denuded low mountain area with steep mountains, poor stability and prone to collapse risk. Some sections are in shallow buried sections, which is an important and difficult control project of the whole line. In view of the construction problems of long and long tunnels, the project department always puts safety and quality control in an important position, and adopts advanced geological prediction methods such as geological radar, advanced horizontal drilling, deepening blast hole and geological sketch to take countermeasures in advance for possible adverse geological conditions. Strictly control the step distance during construction to ensure the safety of tunnel construction.

Jin Yong railway is one belt, one road important project, an important part of the opening channel of Yiwu-Ningbo-Zhoushan. It is an important trunk railway in the national medium and long term railway network planning. It has been built from JinHua West Railway Station to Hangyong railway. It is designed as a I class, double line, passenger and freight railway. The design speed is 160 km / h, and the reserved 200 km

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