The on-site external audit of ISO quality management system in 2021 was successfully completed

The annual audit of ISO quality management system is one of the key tasks of our company in September 2021. Since the start of the system re audit in 2021, the working group has completed the preparation of new system documents with the active cooperation of all departments and according to the unified requirements of the annual audit of ISO quality management system. The new version of the system document was formally tried out after internal consultation and expert confirmation, and its conformity and effectiveness were verified in the Department's self inspection and annual internal audit.

From September 22 to 24, the expert group of the quality system audit center came to our company for the annual on-site audit of ISO quality management system. On the morning of Septermber 24, Mr.Huang presided over the first meeting of quality management system audit and communicated with the expert group on the schedule and audit requirements of this on-site audit. Management representative Hu Jiming, Ye Yeer, leader of each internal audit team, internal auditors of each department and quality management office attended the meeting.

At the "final meeting of quality management system audit" held on the afternoon of September 24, the expert group fully affirmed our great importance to quality management and recommended our company to pass this audit. The expert group issued a nonconformity report according to the on-site audit and put forward guiding suggestions for our company to further improve the quality management. In view of the shortcomings, specific improvement measures were taken, and the three-day audit was successfully completed.

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