The 2021 world digital economy conference and the 11th smart Expo opened in Ningbo on the 14th

From October 14 to 17, the 2021 world digital economy conference and the 11th smart city and smart economy Expo with the theme of "digital drive and intelligent development" was held in Ningbo.

It is reported that the conference held eight series of theme activities in the form of online and offline linkage, such as forum, exhibition, expert consultation, industrial docking, achievement release, information consumption experience day, mass entrepreneurship and innovation competition and new product release, to promote in-depth exchanges and cooperation. Focusing on the new frontier of digital economy development and digital reform in the new period of the 14th five year plan, this conference will jointly hold one main forum, one expert consultation meeting, six high-level theme forums such as 5g + Beidou, 5g + industrial Internet and digital finance, and seven thematic sub forums (seminars) such as the integration of artificial intelligence and "carbon neutrality" strategy and the promotion of common prosperity in digital villages. Several academicians, experts, Turing Award winners and more than 100 business leaders and executive representatives from CCID Research Institute, China Industrial Internet Research Institute, China Mobile, Huawei, Alibaba, Bank of communications, Geely, Xiaomi,and Lenovo will deliver keynote speeches to exchange new ideas and explore new paths.

The offline exhibition set up four theme halls: digital economy comprehensive hall, new smart manufacturing hall, new smart city hall and future industry hall to display a number of high-end cutting-edge new technologies, new products and achievements in the field of digital reform and digital economy, of which the future industry hall is the first. About 200 digital economy enterprises (Institutions) including telecom operators, Huawei, Alibaba and Aerospace Science and industry participated in the exhibition, and representatives of 14 Zhejiang provincial digital economy innovation pilot zones participated in the exhibition for the first time. The "Yongshang cloud Exhibition" platform brings together nearly 1200 enterprises to participate online, further extending and expanding the content of exhibition and exchange.

In the same period, the conference will also hold a series of supply and demand docking, resource docking and signing ceremony of major projects such as industrial Internet, aiot, intelligent manufacturing, smart appliances and digital economy talents, as well as two mass entrepreneurship finals such as 2021 data open innovation application competition and 2021 China Science and technology entrepreneurship plan competition, so as to promote the implementation of a number of major projects and innovation resources, Improve the quality and efficiency of service enterprises and industries.

The conference also added 2021 information consumption Festival and Ningbo information consumption experience day for the first time to carry out theme discussion, release experience center, organize interactive experience, jointly issue "5g information consumption voucher" and other experience consumption activities, so as to promote the expansion and upgrading of information consumption. In addition, a series of achievements such as the white paper 2020 on investment and financing of integrated circuit industry, the Research Report on long-term operation of China's smart city, the typical case set of digital economy system application in Ningbo and the typical case set of digital economy enterprises in Ningbo will be released for the first time during the conference to further analyze the industry development path and regional characteristic experience in the field of digital economy.

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