The construction of the longest tunnel of 10240m Hangzhou to Wenzhou high speed railway has made rapid progress

Mufeiling tunnel, with a total length of 10.24 km, is the longest tunnel along the Hangzhou Wenzhou Railway and the main control project of the bid section. The tunnel is long with large quantities, and the geological conditions at the construction site are complex, which also greatly increases the construction difficulty. In order to ensure smooth construction, Hangzhou Wenzhou Railway Lot 7 has set up 4 work areas and 6 working faces to organize construction. Huang Xin, chief engineer of the second division of the project management department, said that the project department should pay close attention to the favorable construction time to ensure the completion in February 2023.

Time of use price adjustment in Zhejiang: the maximum difference rate of peak and valley exceeds 50%

The 2021 world digital economy conference and the 11th smart Expo opened in Ningbo on the 14th