New progress has been made in Jintingbridge of Jinyong railway

It is understood that the Jinting Bridge of Jinyong railway located in Jinting town is a double track railway bridge. The railway grade is class I, with a total length of 1752.28 meters. There are 51 piers, 2 abutments and a maximum pier of 17 meters. As the bridge is the longest bridge in this bid section, it crosses the main traffic trunk roads of Yongjin Expressway and Shengzhang line during the construction of three continuous beams. The traffic organization is complex, and the safety control requirements are extremely strict during the construction process.

Duan Zhanfeng, technical director of the third work area of the first section of Jinyong railway, said that the project adopts fully closed construction, one is to ensure traffic safety, the other is to ensure the progress of construction. The completion of the main works of the Bridge Department marks a breakthrough in another key and difficult project of Jinyong railway, speeds up the construction of Jinyong railway, and means the smooth connection of the first super large bridge of Jinyong railway.

The successful closure of Jinting River Bridge has created favorable conditions for the opening of the whole line of Jinyong railway and laid a foundation for accelerating the construction of "one hour traffic circle" in Zhejiang Province.

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