Construction machinery industry ushers in a downward cycle? But exports are still booming

Overcapacity, shrinking demand and rising raw materials... Since 2016, the domestic construction machinery industry has entered a downward cycle? According to the data of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, 18964 excavators of various types were sold in October this year, a year-on-year decrease of 30.6%; At the same time, the export volume of China's construction machinery is rising. Some people said that the overseas market may become the "killer mace" for major domestic construction machinery enterprises to hedge the industry cycle.

Why is the overseas market still hot when the overall domestic construction machinery market is declining? China has a strong manufacturing foundation, and foreign countries are impacted by the epidemic. Under the influence of the epidemic, the production capacity of many foreign manufacturing industries can not keep up. At this time, major domestic construction machinery enterprises are actively expanding overseas markets, which is also an important means for domestic enterprises to weaken the industry cycle.

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