Beijing stock exchange made a good start on the first day

Beijing stock exchange made a good start on the first day, and these "specialized and new" enterprises in the Yangtze River Delta performed well

Today, the first trading day of the Beijing stock exchange attracted much attention. The total turnover of 81 shares of the Beijing stock exchange was 9.573 billion yuan. As of the closing, the average price of 10 new shares rose 199.80% over the issue price, of which N Tongxin rose 493.67%, and N Dadi, N Zhisheng and N jingsai all rose by more than 200%.

According to the data of the Ministry of industry and information technology, there are 4762 "little giant" enterprises identified so far. If the five cities listed separately are not included in the provincial data, the top six provinces in the list are Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong, Guangdong, Shanghai and Beijing, all of which exceed 250.

In the fields of "specialization and innovation" and "little giant", the Yangtze River Delta obviously occupies the largest share. From the first batch of enterprises listed this time, Jiangsu was selected as 12, ranking first, followed by Beijing and Guangdong, Zhejiang has 3, and the Yangtze River Delta is the best. From the perspective of "specialized and new" enterprises that can be listed in the future, the Yangtze River Delta is still the largest number of reserve enterprises.

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