5 cases were found to be positive in Ningbo

Ningbo, Zhejiang Province held a press conference on epidemic prevention and control today to introduce the latest situation of epidemic prevention and control. It is reported that after the outbreak, Ningbo immediately closed and controlled the streets, communities, schools, enterprises and their surrounding areas, and immediately organized the first round of full nucleic acid testing in relevant areas to resolutely prevent the spread of virus and the spread of the epidemic. As of 10:00 on December 7, 20994 people had been controlled in the city, and 275775 people had been tested for nucleic acid, including 267551 in Zhenhai District; 154742 people have been reported in the city, including 147829 in Zhenhai District, and 5 cases were found to be positive. The rest were all negative.

The Tianfuling Tunnel

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