New measures of COVID prevention and control

According to the latest epidemic prevention requirements of Ningbo prevention and control office, it is temporarily implemented to enter public places with 48 hour nucleic acid test negative certificate, scan place code and show travel card in Haishu District, Jiangbei District, Zhenhai District, Beilun District, Yinzhou District, Fenghua district and high tech Zone. In order to meet the government's epidemic prevention requirements, UMC management issued a new epidemic prevention method: 1 All employees shall be tested for nucleic acid every other day, and the office shall record it every day 2 Without special circumstances, all employees are encouraged not to leave Ningbo. 3. Try to reduce crowd activities. 4 In case of any physical discomfort, the administrative department of the company shall be informed in time. All these measures are understood and supported by the employees in order to stabilize the company's production.

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