Zhejiang spent 15.95 billion yuan to build a two-way four lane expressway, with a total length of 52.7 kilometers

The connection project from longliwen to rujiangwen, also known as Ruicang express, will have certain development opportunities after passing through Ruian, Pingyang County, Bao'an District, Cangnan line and other counties. The investment project is about 15.95 billion yuan, constructed according to the two-way four lane specification, with a total length of 52.7 kilometers, involving the construction of highway bridges, tunnels and core areas. The project has a large bill of quantities and high difficulty. The construction period of the scheme is 42 months. In addition, the communication core will continue to be built during the construction of the middle and later stages of the project to capture violations on the road, such as blocking the license plate, occupying the emergency carriageway, etc. However, you can also detect an emergency on the road, rescue immediately and accurately locate the location. The design speed of the highway is 100 kilometers, and the control speed is 100 kilometers per hour. There is no need to overspeed.

A 5.6km electrode connecting line will be built around three key expressways in the middle and later stages of the expressway, and an East-West Expressway will be added in southeast Zhejiang. It will introduce new charm to the development of regions along the road. This road will be a way to get rich, which is beneficial to transportation, holiday tourism, import and export trade. It will become an important new transportation project of "four traffic corridors", provide reliable transportation guarantee for promoting the integrated development of big cities, connect the coastal economic development zone and the economic development vacancy area in mountainous areas, strengthen the construction of the Yangtze River Delta urban agglomeration, assist the economic development, and provide a large number of travel choices for everyone. And the buildings along this road will provide access for flood control and disaster relief and provide emergency maintenance.

The Tianfuling Tunnel

Yingling Tunnel Project