Ningbo West hub construction has entered a new stage of accelerated promotion!

A series of industrial cluster projects in the South portal area of Ningbo West hub have been approved, with a total land area of nearly 6800 mu, a planned total construction area of nearly 6.2 million square meters, and an estimated total investment of more than 70billion yuan.

Projects include:
1. Ningbo International Expo Center and supporting industry cluster construction project
2. industrial Internet industry cluster project in the South portal area of Ningbo West hub
3. construction project of life and health industry cluster in the South portal area of Ningbo West hub
4. construction project of aviation high-speed rail logistics base in the South portal area of Ningbo West hub
Based on modern logistics, with the airport and high-speed rail network transportation as the core, and relying on Ningbo manufacturing base and port logistics, a modern comprehensive logistics park will be built with cargo terminal aviation logistics hub, distribution operation center, multimodal transport hub and international logistics service port as the main body, and three platforms and seven functional blocks will be built, including international air cargo area, domestic air cargo area, Express Center Multimodal transport transit area, third-party logistics service area, exhibition storage and distribution center, and comprehensive supporting service area.

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