The price of iron ore has also exceeded US 0. Will it rise sharply?

The iron ore futures trading index in Singapore has exceeded 0, a new high this year, and the steel market has also risen because of this good situation. For a while, many steel mills have made corresponding responses, which makes everyone can not help feeling, Is it really possible that steel prices will rise in an all-round way?

Generally speaking, the price increase of steel is closely related to the local economic development. The faster a region develops, the greater the demand for steel. The slower the domestic economy develops, the less steel is used

In the world, the value of steel will also change with the development of the world. If the price of steel in the world market is rising, even if the domestic demand for steel is small and the development level is not high, the price of steel will also change correspondingly under the violent fluctuations of the international market.

In addition, the operating cost of steelmaking enterprises is also a big problem, because to turn iron ore into products, it must be smelted in the steelmaking plant, and the production cost and raw materials of steelmaking must be determined through government subsidies.

At present, the domestic iron ore price and steel price have risen significantly, the most direct reason is the government's policy.

The reason why the government has introduced such regulatory measures is because of the current situation, because the epidemic has affected the development of the whole society. The relevant government agencies are trying to promote the development of the market and want to mobilize the enthusiasm of the market and expand domestic demand.

It remains to be seen how the future will go

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