Construction of the main bridge on the south side of Xiangshangang Bridge of Ningbo Municipal Railway

This year, Ningbo's rail transit projects will be fully scaled up. It is planned to invest 26 billion yuan in key projects throughout the year. The mileage of new lines under construction will exceed 250 kilometers, realizing the "eight lines in parallel". The "eight lines" specifically include Line 6, Line 7, Line 8, Xiangshan Line, Cixi Line, Phase II of Line 3, and the extension of Line 1 and Line 4.

The new Xiangshangang Bridge is the first municipal (suburban) railway sea-crossing bridge in China. It is also the largest span bridge of existing parallel lines in China and the largest span composite steel box girder railway cable-stayed bridge in China. Many technologies are expected to achieve new breakthroughs in the field of bridge construction in China and even in the world.

The Tianfuling Tunnel

Yingling Tunnel Project