The first Helan Mountain railway tunnel starts bidirectional excavation

The Helan Mountain Tunnel is a key and difficult control project of the Yinba Branch Line of the Baoyin High speed Railway, and it is also the first tunnel to cross Helan Mountain. After six months of hard work, the No. 1 inclined shaft of the Helanshan Tunnel on the Yinba Branch of the Baoyin High Speed Railway has recently entered the main tunnel construction smoothly, and the tunnel construction has started a two-way excavation mode for the entrance and exit.
As a national level ecological protection zone, Helan Mountain has a fragile ecological environment and high environmental requirements. We incorporate green environmental protection into every detail of construction, transporting on-site waste to designated waste disposal sites for treatment, ensuring zero pollution of water sources.
The Baoyin High Speed Rail Yinba Branch Line is expected to be fully opened in 2026. After its completion, it will promote the rapid and seamless connection between Inner Mongolia's Alxa League and Ningxia. It is of great significance in promoting economic and social development, exploring tourism resources, opening up to the outside world, regional integration, and meeting the rapid travel needs of passengers.

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